Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pand 13: when Gent freezes over

The Voldersstraat/Henegouwenstraat is one of the more fancy shopping streets in Gent. Ample of designer bags, shoes and lingerie. It also houses Pand 13, a store I have a longtime love/hate-relationship with. Love because they really do have pretty things, hate because the prices are just too high. Love because the owners also exploit the lovely Tara Jarmon shop around the corner. Hate because the atmosphere can be a bit snobby. Love because of the beautiful interior (the floor!). Hate because I once tried on the most beautiful See By Chloé-dress there, but didn't have the funds for it. So I waited until the sales, only to find it gone quicker than you can say 'girl on a budget'. It was way over the top (purple with red polka dots and a huge bow on the front), but perfect in every way. If you ever spot one (L, please), make sure to tell me! Or even better, buy it and sell it to me. You can overcharge me, I won't mind. I'm a philanthropist that way.

I was in Pand 13 about two weeks ago, on my search for the perfect tartan blouse. Sadly I didn't find anything of the sort - they had tartan, beautiful interpretations even, but not in the right cut and shape. This is a serieus con (disadvantage? synoniem?) of going shopping with something in mind. I'm trying to shop more thoughtful, with certain looks and combinations in mind. You know, like fashion magazines are always telling you to do, inspired by Françaises and their 5 pieces per season-rule (I've never in my life met a Française who actually lives by this rule. Have you?) The thing is, when I go shopping with a clear goal, I always end up disappointed, because nothing looked even remotely to what I was looking for. Or worse, I did find what I wanted, but my size completely sold out. Cue for a cranky mood, need for hot chocolate and the urge to watch Gilmore Girls in bed. Woe and disaster.

I'll tell you what Pand 13 did have: some salespeople with a hell of an attitude. I was greeted by a twentysomething upon entering. She was nice enough, but seemed busy doing nothing, wandering from here to there, not really assisting anyone. Made me think of a bee that tries to get out of a room, but keeps on bumping against the window. Someone else was helping a few women who were trying on stuff. It was saturday and relatively busy. When I got to the second part of the store (they recently expanded) however, two older shop assistants were just standing there, gossiping. They hushed up when I came in and started whispering while I browsed through the clothes. I hesitantly smiled to one of them, wary of their sour faces. The kind of face you would expect on an old librarian when you bring back your overdue books, you know? Stern, with an air of dissapproval. The smile I got back could have easily frozen a middle sized equatorial country. I can still hear the theeth clappering. It was ice age, baby. Scrat would NOT have put up with this.

I don't need any handholding when I shop, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a basic level of politeness. I didn't feel like putting up with their Evil Eye (and even if I did, I would be cheaper off watching some Lord of the Rings), so I picked up my acorn and left. I've been to Pand 13 many times before, and sometimes the staff is nice and sympathetic, sometimes they're, well, not. I suppose they don't get the easiest public, though, lots of bon chic bon genre, so maybe that explains some of it. It's strange though, because the staff in Tara Jarmon is always excessively nice, even though I've never bought anything there. Same boss, different HR? Weird.

To sum it all up:

- not the steadiest level of service
- a bit of a conservative selection, but pretty clothing: ranging from classic basics (LBD's) to romantic stuff (lots of silk and chiffon) to young and colourful.
- targeted to women in their twenties/thirties (Paule Ka, See by Chloé, ...)
- not the cheapest: it'll be hard to find anything under 50 euros here, but if you've got the dough, you'll find some excellent pieces to spend it on.

(Picture courtesy of http://www.afashiongirl.be/)


  1. I'm becoming addicted to your reviews because they let me discover stores that I don't know (and I love to find new places, especially outside of the Brussels bubble) and you write them with a brilliant sense of humor!

    Regarding your previous post, I'm still smiling at the Twilight reference and I'm completely with you: the movies are embarrassing to say the least and I would only save the n. 1 because it introduced me to the books (and I'm not even sure I should be saying it out loud...) OK, of course I'm going to watch Breaking Dawn: just to check if it’s worst than New Moon....

  2. I'm seriously touched by your beautiful compliment. Thank you so much!

    As for Twilight, I haven't read the books. I don't think I will, either. It's not that I feel too good for them (I read all kinds of crappier stuff), but I started reading and was bored after page 2. So I just checked out the plot on Wikipedia, the lazy woman's solution to reading books. I'll watch Breaking Dawn, no doubt about it. Some movies are too bad NOT to look at, right? I might try to fast forward when it comes to the birth scene, though. Yuck.

  3. I have to tell you this: I was walking home from work and, as usual, I passed through Mont des Arts and...there was the red carpet of the Breaking Dawn premiere! Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and hunders of screaming girls were there...so weird.

  4. Hahahaha, that's genius! I wish I'd been there! I was never part of mass hysteria when I was a teenage girl, kind of sad about that. Cool coincidence! :)

  5. Hello there! I would like to thank you so very much for your kind comment on my smile :) It meant a lot to me..I do think I'd get on much better in Europe. Here in the states almost everyone has carbon copy "perfect" teeth, and it's made me self conscious to smile big. So, your comment meant a great deal!

    Wow, I cannot handle a snobbish attitude when going into a store either. That's certainly not the way to get business - wonder what these shopkeepers are thinking when they give the evil eye. It's a surefire way to get me to turn around and leave in a hurry..but maybe that's a good thing, seeing as I have no money to spend anyway, lol :P

  6. You know, that's actually a great idea for those eternal 'how to keep from spending money'-lists in girly magazines!