Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coups de foudre in Brussels and Bologna

I had this really thoughtful and well considered plan for my winter wardrobe: I was going to buy a tartan/check blouse, a duffle coat, jeans and warm boots. I even made a polyvore set out of it, just to remind myself that this was the plan and I should stick to it:
winter look wishlist

I don't know how I did it, but the past two days I spent almost my entire november clothing budget on totally different objects. The first one was a bracelet, bought at Mapp. friday night. They were part of the Modo Parcours. We only did the rue Léon Lepage/Léon Lepagestraat, and some stores in the Rue de Flandre/Vlaamse Steenweg. There was a lot to be seen - and drunk, mostly champagne. Martin Margiela served theirs in plastic cups. Not that I mind a bit of tackiness, but still a weird choice, considering the cheaper stores did make an effort to, you know, rent glasses. Maybe it was a postmodern statement and I totally missed the point. I have the impression Léon Lepage is quickly becoming the new Dansaert, by the way. The latter is being invaded by more known brands and the former is buzzing with hip and young designers. I'll do some reviews on them later on, but this post is going to be long enough as it is.

I liked the clothing selection in Mapp., but the accessories were what really caught my eye. The selection of necklaces especially was great. Expensive, of course, but absolutely beautiful. Then my eye fell on this bracelet: simple, romantic, in sale. Just the way I love my jewelry.

Medecine Douce, Medecine Douce bracelet, Medecine Douce jewelry, Médecine Douce, Médecine Douce Paris, Medecine Douce Paris, A Room with a View, E.M. Forster

Medecine Douce, Medecine Douce bracelet, Medecine Douce jewelry, Médecine Douce, Médecine Douce Paris, Medecine Douce Paris

It's by Médecine Douce Paris. Quite expensive, but it was a typical coup de foudre. Half my wardrobe consists of coups de foudre, now that I think of it. Trying to combine things is always a disaster. I have zero vision when it comes to buying clothing, but it doesn't stop me from sitting in front of my closet, happily eyeing all of my darlings. Kind of how I imagine Anna Dello Russo spending her days when she's not causing a ruckus at fashion weeks.

I spent the rest of my money on shoes yesterday. I'm currently in Bologna, visiting my boyfriend, who got a grant to study and do research here for a year. He told me upon his arrival that it was a great city for shopping, and I have to say, he has an eye for these things. The coolest thing about Bologna is that there's not really sidewalks, but porticos. Wikipedia tells me the city is famous for it:

In total, there are over 45 kilometres of arcades, some 38 in the city center. The longest portico in the world, about 3.5 km (2 mi), extends from the edge of the city to Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca.

(We're planning on walking to the sanctuary tuesday, even though I was practical enough not to bring any proper walking shoes.) The effect is lovely. This is what shopping in Bologna looks like:

Bologna, Bologna portici, Bologna shopping, Bologna arcades, streets of Bologna

Charming, isn't it? Just out of sight are two old ladies who took offense in my boyfriend's bag being in their way and bumping into him in the rudest way possible. Feisty.

Shopping seems to be a big part of life here. It's food - clothing - bars - book shops everywhere you look. Aimed to please ladies of leisure from all over the world! The shops are really cool, too, not the thirteen in a dozen you'll usually find in cities this size. In a short walk around the city we managed to pass by a myriad of independent perfumeries (one of which was called Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, you have to appreciate the morbid sense of humour), a Muji, lots of jewelry stores, a Borsalino outlet, unaffordable luxury, ... The best thing about Bologna are the shoe shops, though. A wide selection, okay prices and great quality. When I saw this pair of United Nude in Daniele Ancarani in the Via San Vitale, I couldn't resist:

United Nude shoes, United Nude, Daniele Ancarani, Via San Vitale, Bologna shoes

The picture doesn't quite capture them, but they're lovely and really comfortable. I walked 3km in them earlier and I don't feel a thing! The price was slightly lower than the online price, too. I did feel a bit stupid buying them, because I couldn't really chat with the shop assistant - who was excessively nice otherwise. She even managed to look classy while wearing grey sweatypants, which is a pretty impressive achievement in my book.

Some other pictures:

Bologna jewelry

Bologna hats, Borsalino, Bologna Borsalino, Bologna Borsalino outlet

The Borsalino outlet. I wanted to try on a hat consisting of peacock feathers, but decided not to when I saw the price. I don't want to mess up an 800 euros hat. Also, I was under severe pressure by my boyfriend, who gets stressed by walking into a store and not buying anything. Pansy. :)

Bologna beauty, Bologna, Bologna profumeria

Bologna book shops, Bologna art books, art books, book shop

Bologna ice cream, Bologna gelateria

Fabulous ice cream just around the corner! I love how they make little flowers out of ice cream instead of scooping. A little gay, but pretty.

That's it for now. If anyone's got tips for Bologna, be it food or shopping, I'll be glad to hear them!


  1. De armband is echt prachtig, ik ben jaloers! Het Modo Parcours heeft mij een paar nieuwe Mellow Yellow botten opgeleverd :-)

  2. Binnenkort tonen! De wintercollectie is echt heel leuk, ik ben benieuwd welke je hebt uitgekozen. :)

  3. Ziet er allemaal erg mooi uit! Ik wil ook een duffle coat... ♥

    Dankje voor je leuke comment!

    XO, Imke

  4. WOW sounds amazing!! So jealous, I have never been to Bologna.
    Those shoes are so pretty! :)


  5. don't worry
    you have spent your budget in 2 beautiful things
    great post
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory