The Whathopper?

Yes, you got that right. I named my blog after what is possibly the most unsexy, anti-cute animal known to man: the grashopper. You might think that's demented. You probably have a point. I mean, the only way a grashopper could be more unappealing to us is by being highly poisonous or by boasting a particularly bad karaoke rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Grashoppers are wicked little creatures. You can't really get more horrendous than being one of the Biblical plagues, now can you?

Why did I choose this name, then? It's not a weird fetish, nor am I planning to invade Egypt and binge eating all of their crops. The fact is, I love clothes. And while I'm not against malls per se, I prefer looking for them in a lot of different shops. Shophopping, as you wish. Going from here to there in search of new clothes is plain good fun (as long as you're not looking for something specific, amirite?). Only I find that, when travelling, it's kind of hard to find out where all the worthwhile shops are. So I decided to share my favorite shops with the wonderful world of the interwebs.

Something about me? I'm 23 and sometimes have a hard time remembering my exact age. Brussels is my hometown. I suddenly got curls when I was 12. I can't wear clutches, because I always carry at least one book. I can teach you a sign that means 'I will ride you like a donkey'.

Things I'm good at: eating embarrassing amounts of candy, guessing juicy gossip, orientating (seriously, I'm like a live compass), procrastinating.

Things I wish I were better at: Distinguishing perfume notes, English spelling, styling clothes, sticking to a budget.

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