Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paris Winter Wonderland

Our Paris trip in a few words: pancakes, Musée d'Orsay, taking pictures of tourists (I kindly left those out), weird encounters with vulgar tour guides and hostel personnel straight out of Little Britain, endless walks, Centre Pompidou, bad cocktails, great éclairs, the best of company (shout out to my dear London boys!), battling the cold and shopping. SO much shopping. An elaborate report is on its way, but for now: pictures. Quite the heavy post, sorry about that!


  1. Love the pictures ... They have something really pure. I think Paris is beautiful in its details and you seem to think the same thing, at least that's what the pictures tell me.
    Blondyn_Bubble from Incognito

  2. These photographs are beautiful. My husband, who looked over while I was scrolling through them, was very impressed with them. He told me that he aspires to take pictures like this on our next vacation.

    1. That truly is the sweetest compliment. I haven't been photographing that long and I still have so, so much to learn. Thank you!

  3. Geweldige foto's, E! Ik vind ze zo mooi dat ik er gesaved heb op mijn computer - met vermelding van l'Artiste die ze gemaakt heeft, naturellement.

  4. Beautiful images, but something caught my attention even more: "SO much shopping": I'm looking forward to that part of the photo reportage...