Sunday, January 22, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan: I love books, BUT...

... I'm not sure I would spend over a 1000 euros to carry one around. Do you think these qualify as the literary equivalent of fake geek glasses? As in: style trumping function and fetishing an intellectual image?

They are pretty, though. I hope whoever buys these gets a free copy of the book as well. And, you know, reads it. Crafted by Olympia Le-Tan, available at Net-a-Porter.


  1. I'd much prefer these as a juwellery box. But even then, a $1000? No.

  2. People are speaking a lot about Olympia Le Tan clutches these days. She was at Pitti Uomo at Firenze. About the price of her clutches I think it is very expensive eventhough I think she does spend a lot of time to make them, I heard they were hand made. I think for someone who has money and is in love with literature these would go.I love the idea of it not being a real book, I love things that are "trompe l'oeil" a lot so I can understand if someone go and buy it but for me it is a no^^.

    Shug'A'Very from Incognito

  3. Love these clutches!

  4. I saw these on net-a-porter as well. Such a cute concept - but you're right, WAY too expensive. I think you're paying for the name alone (which I hate to say I've never heard of!).

  5. Yup. ; ) The fetishization of Lolita in particular these days kind of annoys me...

  6. I think those are beautiful and I actually plan on making my own one as soon as I find the right book. I mean, I've always been into books, I have studied literature. Not that it gives me a special right to own one of these "minaudières" but I don't see the point of having one representing a book that you haven't read and or that you don't even know.
    That's why I am still hesitating to make one and waiting to find the right book.

    But yeah, making one myself, I probably just want to show the world how much smart I am because I read literature, haha.

    Absolute B. of Incognito