Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Sustainable Wardrobe: Step 1

Disclaimer: this post claims no useful content whatsoever.

Is it okay to feel super productive just because I cleaned out my closet? I'm usually so messy I felt like patting my own shoulder last week. A pretty good indicator of my general laziness. It wasn't even one of those life-changing clean slate things, but still pretty essential to my whole 'buy less spend more'-philosophy.

The need for a good oversight
To shop smart, it really is necessary to know what you already own. Two reasons:
  1. Avoid buying doubles: A few months ago, I had the feeling I didn't have a good basic black skirt, so I bought one at United Colors of Benetton. After rearranging, I noticed I already had about 4. Insert mental facepalm.
  2. Figuring out whether something will suit your wardrobe: It may be just me, but when I'm in a fitting room trying something on, I always have a hard time imagining whether it will fit my wardrobe as well. I thought a clear visual of the clothes I own would provide some much needed support.

Processing, piling and parting
What I did: I sorted everything in four piles.
  1. Clothes that no longer fit me and I wouldn't wear even if they did.
  2. Pieces I no longer wear but still cherish.
  3. Clothes I still wear, but rarely.
  4. A selection of garments I wear most often.
The first pile was tiny, because I already threw away most of this category a few months ago. When I say tiny, I really do mean negligible, insignificant, infinitesimal: a skirt and a shirt. I gave them to my mother, who was glad to provide them with a new home.

The second pile found a home in an empty closet in a different room. (Empty as in: I crammed all the stuff inside into a different closet, which now looks like it could burst any minute. Oh well.)

The third pile was sorted and put in my own closet.

The fourth pile is now neatly displayed on an Ikea clothing rack in my room. (Did I mention my Ikea ban as well? They've fooled me one time too many with this rack: all the components were present - a feat in itself, considering we're talking about Ikea - but when I put the thing together, it was crooked. One of the wheels doesn't touch the ground. And no, not because of me, I'm a total boss in assembling Ikea furniture. One of the parts is simply bent in a wrong way. I didn't even bother trying to exchange - my initial flash of anger blossomed into a dull apathy, which suits me just fine. I simply decided not to buy anything Ikea again.)

Identifying gaps and excesses
While I was sorting everything, I got a good grasp of what the contents from my closet look like -what I do or do not need. My conclusions (this is of nu use whatsoever to you, but I find it helpful writing it all down):

  1. Dresses
  2. Perfumes (yes, I consider this a wardrobe staple)
  1. Trousers: I now have two pairs of pants, one of which is starting to fall apart.
  2. A few basic t-shirts and blouses
  3. Shoes: I only have one pair of shoes appropriate for wintertime. I could really do with some boots and a good pair of flats. Also, no sandals.
  4. A few (warm) sweaters
  5. Some scarfs
  6. A parka
  7. Belts! I don't have any!
  8. Accessories: I'd really like some hats, and a few statement necklaces to brighten up basic outfits.
So basically I have a great need of all things a little more practical. Yawn. I guess my frivolous side will just have to suck it up for a while.

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  1. Great article! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted something only to discover that I already have something similar in my closet!
    Ohh and I own too many dresses as well :)