Thursday, December 15, 2011

Which fictional customer would you be?

I put my knowledge of Word flowcharts (pretty non-existent, I have to admit) to good use today and made one of those magazine style personality quizzes. Kind of fun to do, actually. Who doesn't love a good stereotype? So there you go: which one of these fictional character's style of dealing with shop personnel resembles yours?

(Disclaimer: this is in no way to be taken seriously.)
(Also, sorry for the crappy design, I'm condemned to paint and word for a while.)

Rebecca Bloomwood: Safe to say you're a tad impulsive, and maybe - if sometheing particularly covetable or discounted is involved - slightly hysteric. You're easily influenced and will buy everything as long as you like it. You don't really depend on shop assistants when it comes to advice and choosing, but you are friendly with them. They are after all the gateway to consumer bliss!

Vivian Ward: You're quite shy, and not very certain of your style. You're a kind customer, albeit a little needy. You tend to ask for help rather than seek things out on your own. You need to be drawn out a bit. Cruelty or indifference really get to you, even when you're obviously way cooler than the people around you. But don't worry, all of this can easily be solved with an affluent boyfriend.

Elle Woods: People's first impression of you can lean towards 'airhead', but you're certainly no fool. You're friendly, but determined. You know exactly what you want, and you're assertive enough to call out anyone trying to bullshit you, often leaving them dazed and confused. Snaps!

Emily Gilmore: Whoa. Emily Gilmore is assertiveness on speed. You know what you want alright, and anyone trying to cross you will be exposed to true biblical wrath. Demanding might not be a synonym for mean to you, but you run a high risk of coming across quite cruel. Maybe tone it down just a little bit, and try not to take lack of professionalism as a personal insult.

I'm totally a Rebecca. How 'bout you?


  1. Snaps, baby! Ik heb altijd al eens blond willen zijn.

  2. I do love these tests (especially when charts and pictures are involved) and it looks that I'm in between Rebecca and it, ehm, good?! Looking forward to the next flowchart...

  3. Totally good! There's no bad here. Except maybe Emily. :) I love all of these characters, to be honest. (Although book/film-Rebecca tends to get on my nerves.) I think Elle Woods would be the smartest customer - assertive, but open and friendly. She doesn't have any obvious bad traits like the others: Rebeccas are a little too eager to spend, Vivians could use an assertiveness course and Emilies could really do with some hightened empathic senses. But Elles should just go on and be pink and fabulous, if you ask me.

  4. Depending on the mood... I waffle between Rebecca and Elle. Also, I now feel the need to go look at research that has related personality to shopping styles and other influences. Except that I really need to finish my own report!

  5. Perfect procrastination plan. Keep me informed!

  6. I love how you like creating charts with stereotypes, you're sure good at it and it's so funny ! Plus stereotypes come from realities.

    Depending on my mood I'm either a Rebecca ( discounts know how to persuade me) or an Emily Gilmore (I mean, who do they think they are those Zara's shop assistants ??!).

    Absolute B. of Incognito

  7. What fun! I seem to edge towards being an 'Elle' type, but I guess only because my main source of clothes shopping (charity shops) makes it easy to be picky about quality/fabric/cut, whilst ignoring the majority of the clothes on the rails.

  8. This is a really cute idea- I find these quizzes really hard to make! Apparently I'm an Elle Woods but I don't think I seem airheaded at first glance? Or maybe I'm just oblivious to it!

  9. Emily Gilmore. Although, this presumes the assistant is very, very rude. A mildly rude assistant simply gets ignored, and I make sure to have someone else help me, especially in commission sales.

    Given my background, and given that I run a prep blog, and that Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows...

    Yeah, this makes sense.

  10. Sam - Maybe airhead is the wrong word. I was just thinking of the scene where Elle is buying a dress for her big night out, and the sales assistent tries to sell her something last season for full price. Maybe 'easy prey' would cover it better. :)

    Kionon - I love that. Emily out loud and proud! You're perfectly right, of course. No customer should be bossed around, ever.