Monday, December 5, 2011

Hidden treasures in exotic hippie stores

A quick glance over my blog posts teaches me that I've made a lot more posts on slightly expensive or downright luxury stores than I have on cheaper stores. Time to mix it up a little! I was recently surprised by a little store in the Donkersteeg in Gent. The Donkersteeg is not so much a street as it is an alleyway, famous with locals for hosting Mokabon, a bit of a coffee mecca. I rarely pay much attention to my surroundings here. The only time I saw something noteworthy was when I saw a man dressed in a neon disco suit and 50 cm platform heels exit one of the houses. He looked a little drunk and was supported by two friends. That is one mean prank to play on a drunk mate.

Just a few steps away is a Asian inspired shop, oozing zen and stuffed with colourful wool winter hats. This was the first time I saw they were selling dresses, and quite cute ones at that. They were by the brand Shikha, which is apparently the name of a city in the Myagdi District of Nepal. The name is seems to be the only connection to Asia, but this must have been enough for the owners of the store. The dresses were playful, simple, reminded me a bit of Modcloth. A small sample:

Cats! Who doesn't love a good cat print? This is what they look like in front of the store. Kind of a funny sight, no?

Definitely a good address for when you're in the mood for something frolicky.


  1. WOW!!! what incredible finds!! i'm so jealous!