Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shoe shopping in Brussels: Mellow Yellow

This is probably a bit of a confession, but I generally don't like shopping for shoes. I'm very particular about them (same thing goes for purses). My tastes developed and broadened over the years, but shoe-shopping used to be an absolute disaster. First of all I didn't like most of the shoes I encountered. Secondly, the ones I did like were usually too expensive. And thirdly, I have humongous feet. The result was that most of the time I was already highly satisfied when a shoe fit, and didn't bother with looks or style.

I used to wear gray cheap look-a-likes of these. Avril Lavigne had nothing on me.

The last few years my budget became more manageable and I picked up on the aesthetics of shoes. My feet are still enormous and I suffer with every new pair, but hey, women used to endure way worse back in the good old days. When my feet hurt, I take my shoes off. You can't really take off your corset when you're about to faint. So yay for modern times! Anyway, I still struggle finding shoes that are good quality, original and affordable. I can't buy shoes at Zara or H&M, because they simply don't fit me. The shoes at Sacha fit (they sometimes come in a size 42, which is a huge relief for my 41,5s), but if spotting people wearing the exact same shoes as you were a drinking game, you'd be well on your way to a terrible hangover by mid-afternoon while wearing Sacha shoes.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a lot of other options. That's why a Mellow Yellow store turning up in Brussels was a nice change of scenery. I haven't bought any of their shoes yet, but for now I just like knowing it's there. It's in the Dansaertstraat (I hang out in this street a lot, does it show?), the prices are reasonable, the shoes are pretty. The shop is rarely crowded, and best of all, one of my lovely high school friends works there! If you spot a gorgeous curly girl behind the counter, chances are it's her. So go explore and say hi for me!

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  1. Are you joking?You need a real shoes therapy! :D
    And remember: sometimes you have to suffer to have a great look. (ahahaah joking)